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5 Tips for Running a Big Community on Geneva

By Geneva Team

Do you lead a big community or fast-growing group or club? Whether you’re already using Geneva or considering starting a home on the app, here are 5 things you can do to keep your community thriving.

1. (Re)organize your home 🔄

If you have a big community, you probably have a ton of rooms. And if you have a ton of rooms, you’ll probably want to spend a little time organizing your setup. The simplest version of this is re-ordering the rooms in your home — for example, many groups set up an ‘Intros’ room and place that at the top. If your community is a little more complex, you can organize the rooms into categories which are basically collapsable folders that everyone in your home can see.

2. Make ‘opt-in’ rooms 👋

If your community has many sub-groups or niche interests within it, you might want to make some "opt-in" rooms in your home. This means that new and existing members of the home aren’t automatically added to these rooms but instead, can choose to join if they want to (they’ll see a nudge at the bottom of their room list to “join more rooms”). This is great for situations where you have a bunch of different regional groups — i.e. NYC girlies, LA fam, Chicago crew — and want to make sure the initial experience of joining your home isn’t overwhelming.

3. Use forum rooms 📝

On Geneva you can have both casual “synchronous” chat-style conversations and more organized “asynchronous” post-style sharing all in one space. In forum rooms, your people can create and comment on ‘posts’ (more like Facebook Groups or Discourse vs. the iMessage or WhatsApp feel of chat rooms), and sort and filter the content in the room to have the best stuff bubble to the top. Most of the thriving big communities on Geneva have a mix of both chat and forum rooms, each for different purposes and speeds of conversation. Topics like “Announcements” or “Resources” tend to lend themselves well to the ‘forum’ room format while topics like “General” chatter, “Advice”, or “Wins” usually feel more natural as chat rooms. As you create and evolve your space, you’ll probably want to experiment with all of the different kinds of rooms and see what feels right!

4. Do a weekly broadcast 📣

Similar to chat vs. forum rooms, there are different ‘live’ room types that are ideal for different sizes of communities. One room type that’s great for big homes is broadcast rooms. You can think of broadcast rooms as sort of like a private IG live or a massive zoom where up to 9 people can be ‘on stage’ and thousands of people can join in the audience (audience members can raise their hand to request to be pulled on stage too!). These are perfect for big gatherings like chapter meetings, live panels, and presentations. Whether you do one-off broadcasts whenever the mood strikes or set up a weekly event that people look forward to, these can be a really powerful way to bring your whole community together at once.

Note: Screensharing in video and broadcast rooms is coming soon!

5. Give some people special powers ✅

Just because you’re the leader of a community doesn’t mean you need to manage it all yourself! With roles & permissions, you can grant special powers to certain teammates or people in your community and allow them them to do things like create new rooms or approve new members. If you really want to take things to the next level, you can even assign permissions for specific rooms in your home, like who can send messages or create posts in that room vs. just being able to read it. Many big homes use these room-permissions to create "Announcement" rooms that only the leaders can post in.

Looking ahead 👀

As we continue to build Geneva, we’ll be exploring all sorts of ways to make it even easier to run a big home — and we'd love to hear directly from you about what you'd find most useful! If you're the leader of a big community, Tweet @geneva, email hi@geneva.com, or join our Homeowners Home and let us know what would help you create the ideal experience for you and your people. Here are a few of the things we've heard so far and have top of mind...

  • Making it easier to manage member access at scale (e.g. a membership API, member groups, native token-gating for web3 communities)
  • Even more powerful ways to interact as big groups (e.g. full-fledged forum rooms, improvements to broadcast rooms)
  • More ways to direct people's attention to important info or hot topics (e.g. the ability to link to specific posts, the ability to #mention specific rooms)
  • Automated recurring actions that help create community rituals (e.g. recurring events, scheduled/recurring posts and messages)
  • A better 'onboarding' experience for new members (e.g. a more robust welcome message, a "home info" section)

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