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Introducing the Geneva Leaders Program⚡

Over the past several months, we've been inspired by the incredible and diverse groups building on Geneva. From book clubs to female entrepreneurs to fan clubs for artists or TV shows, the range of conversations is endless.

In pursuit of our mission to support, power, and amplify these groups and the connections they're fostering, we are launching Geneva Leaders, our partner program for the leaders and creators of game-changing groups and communities.

It can sometimes feel like the spaces to authentically bring your people together online are limited or simply don't quite ~feel~ right. Geneva exists to change that. Through Geneva Leaders, we're collaborating with the group leaders who already have unique and impactful voices in their space (that space can be anything from entrepreneurship to mental wellness) to tell the story of what they're building.

Our mission is to give our Leaders the tools, resources, and programming to continue building game-changing spaces online. Here's a little bit about what the program entails...


  • Monthly Leaders roundtables 🤝
  • Access to a private Geneva Leaders home 🏠


  • Spotlights on our channels to drive more people to discover the group you're building 📣
  • Geneva-sponsored IRL events for your group 🗓️


  • First access to merch + access to Leaders only merch 👕
  • First looks at new features 👀

We're accepting applications on a rolling basis for group leaders who are 1. building unique social groups on Geneva and 2. already have an engaged audience on social media. If this sounds like you or someone you know, apply here! Let's become each other's superfans. 🤗

We hope you're as passionate as us about sharing what it means to be a group leader and intentionally create spaces online where people feel welcomed and seen. We can't wait to meet you! In the meantime, meet our first group of Geneva Leaders, discover what their favorite emoji is, and learn a bit about what they're doing:

  • Sandy Lin 🔥 Founder of SBT Collective, an international group for entrepreneurs and creatives to share tips, challenges, and support one another! They leverage the bold, empower the diverse, and live for the innovative.
  • Mady Maio 😏 + Scout Sobel 🥰 Sisters IRL and the hosts of the podcast Okay Sis — a community of rad women looking to better themselves through self-care, business, and mental health. (Oh, and they laugh a lot).
  • Nina Haines 🧚🏼‍♀️ Creator of Sapph-Lit, a queer book club born out of the community on TikTok. Above all, it is a safe space where queer people can feel welcomed, celebrated, and connected to their queer peers around the world!
  • Priscilla O. Agyeman 💌 Founder of Saddie Baddies, a virtual sanctuary designed for BIPOC to collectively learn, heal, and remove the stigma surrounding mental health awareness. They do this through community, discourse, workshops, events, and intentional collaborations. Home launching in July!
  • Sophie Beren 🙌 Founder of The Conversationalist, a non-partisan community platform of over 15K+ young people on a mission to break open echo chambers and amplify 1,000,000 Gen Z voices. They host controversial conversations 24/7 in their Geneva home and on their own talk show "POVz."

Geneva Team