The Rest of 2022

What's on deck for the rest of this year...

What's on deck for the rest of this year...

As we reach the peak of summer, we wanted to take a quick moment to pull our heads up and celebrate all the ways Geneva has grown as a product over the last 6 months, and give everyone a sneak peek at what’s on deck for the rest of the year.

If you’re reading this and have either started a home on Geneva, shared ideas or suggestions about the product, or helped to spread the word — thank you! We honestly couldn’t do any of this without you. 💕

2022 so far...

The first half of this year was an all out sprint as we set out to polish the foundations and build a bunch of things that our community had been asking for. This included things like…

  • We added 🔍 message search - the #1 most requested feature in 2021
  • 📋 Forum rooms with rich text formatting, different sorts and views, saved drafts, and more, all designed to make it easier for communities to share longer-form content and facilitate deeper collaboration and coordination
  • 📁 Room categories and room re-organization to help with navigation around some of the bigger & more active communities on Geneva
  • 🖥️ Screensharing and full-screen mode in video & broadcast rooms, which unlocked a bunch of new ways to use Geneva
  • 🟢 Presence and 🤝 friends which have helped make Geneva a more lively and dynamic place to spend time
  • ☑️ Opt-in rooms that people aren’t auto-added-to but can chose to join if they’re interested in the topic and 🔒 locked rooms that everyone in the home can see exist, but have to request to join.

Now, as we round the corner into the fall, we’re focused on making Geneva even more fun and powerful at scale, for all different kinds of communities. Our roadmap is always changing based on what we hear from all of you, but here are few of the things we have queued up for the rest of the year…

What we've got planned...

🔗 Links to specific messages, posts, and rooms

Ever wanted to direct people to a hot thread or important post in your home? We’re adding the ability to link directly to rooms and content — from inside and outside the app — to simplify navigation and get people coming back to the action.

↔️ Membership API

We’ve heard a ton of requests for this one and have started setting the foundations over the last few weeks. Once this is live, you’ll be able to seamlessly connect access to your home on Geneva with other systems via a Zapier integration.

👩👧👦 Member groups

If your home has different cohorts or collections of people (e.g. “designers” or “alumni”), you’ll soon be able to add them to a member group. This will make it easier to do things in batches, like giving a collection of people access to a locked or secret room in your home (instead of manually adding people to each room).

🪙 Native token-gates & other web3 tools

We’re really excited about the rising wave of tokenized communities that are experimenting with new models of ownership, access, and governance and are working to make it really easy for anyone to create and run one. We launched a private beta of MetaMask wallet connect & native token-gating back in June and will soon open access up more broadly as we learn from our initial cohort of communities using it. If you’re curious or excited about web3 tools, you can go deeper on what we’ve got planned here.

🏘️ More home discovery

We’ve seen lots of love for our initial pilot of in-app ‘featured homes’ so we’re going to push this even further. Over the next few months, you’ll see us roll out more ways to find groups you’ll love (think tags & filters, search, etc) — and if you’re the leader of a new or existing group: more ways for people to find and request to join your community!

🦺 Better moderation tools

From day one, we’ve designed Geneva to be as safe a place as possible. On top of the core elements already in place like blocking, banning, and the ability to report violations of our Town Rules to us, we’re now making it possible for members of a home to report content directly to the group’s leader(s).

📅 Event improvements

Groups are continuing to schedule events on Geneva and host them both digitally and irl. On deck: more flexibility around events, like the ability to re-schedule events and more clear time zone indicators.

If you’re reading this and are especially excited about one of the features above or are like “Ooh I’d definitely use Geneva if only it had x” — let us know! You can DM us on Twitter or IG or send us an email at We’re excited to continue to hearing from you and building the things that are most important for everyone 🙌

Here's to a wonderful rest of the year and exciting times ahead! ❤️ 🌼



May 9, 2023

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