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A running list of local groups on Geneva 📍

A running list of local groups on Geneva 📍

If you're looking to join a group and make new friends in your city, you're in the right place!

This is a running list that we'll update on a regular basis as we hear about more city-centric homes that are accepting new members.

If you don't see a home for your city here, make one and we'll help you get some people in it! Here's a quick guide to creating a group for new friends in your city with some inspo on how to set it up.

And last but not least, if you make or have a unique home that you want included on here, send a quick email to with your home invite link and a short description of the group and we'll add it in! 💕


  • ✨ Atlanta Moms ✨ - A safe, fun place for moms in the city to meet up, share stories, vent to each other, and recommend amazing baby/kid items (toys, books, parenting podcasts), etc!


  • All Things ATX - A space for people in Austin that want to explore the city a little more, every single day. We’re a community of people who love to share the best places to visit, eat and our favorite corners of the city that make it special.
  • ATX Girls - A space for girls in ATX to meet friends, plan events, organize meet ups, and more! Come hang with us :)
  • ATX Fit gals - is for girls who want to find their workout besties and talk all things health and wellness.


  • Boston thrift gals💫🌇 - a home for anyone interested in thrift shopping and sustainable fashion.
  • Boston Supper Club 🍽 - Supper explorers, unite! A club for foodies to meet new friends around new tables. Rolling group dinner reservations for local spots across Greater Boston. Group field trips to sup across New England.
  • New England - A group to share events, hikes, meet new friends/network, etc. Includes rooms for Maine, New Hampshire, etc.


  • Calgary girlies - a space for girls in YYC to ask questions, share ideas, make friends, plan events and more!


  • Chicago By Us - A space for girls in their 20’s looking to make friends in Chicago! Our community is here to learn more about and explore all of the amazing places in Chicago.
  • Chicago Craft Club - A space for anyone in or around Chicago who's interested in crafting, art, design, and working among friends!
  • Adventures in📍Chicago - Our community is all about IRL connection-- from a Cookbook Club that started out with one video and now has over 600 members, to meet-ups at a Taylor Swift dance party, Chicagoans can come to this community to bond over shared interests and turn internet friends into lifelong ones.
  • Lucia Cordaro - Chicago-based content creator Lucia Cordaro hosts a community for Chicago gals (+ other cities) to connect & make friends!! We have pages to find a roommate, ask for beauty salon recs, chat about your favorite podcasts, and more !! Come join and have a Chicago support system online!


  • CLE Gals - A space for Cleveland girlies to make friends with mutual interests! 🤍

Dallas & Fort Worth

  • Dallas Cocktail Queens 👑 - A space for women in Dallas to connect over food, drinks, activities, and experiences in the city. It is also a place where women can connect to find events, share resources, and make friends.
  • Thrifting In Dallas - A space to find all you need to know about all thrifting, vintage shopping, etc in Dallas! Chat with others & make friends with fellow sustainable shoppers in DTX.
  • KE - The KE community grew from Kenzie Elizabeth's online platform & has grown into a tight knit community in many different cities. They chat book recs, favorite products, break up advice, navigating their twenties, plans to meet up & business help!
  • Fit Friends & FAHQers - A space connecting like-minded people who are passionate about wellness and fitness. Our community is focused on discovering new ways to move and groove in Dallas, making new friends, and stepping outside of our comfort zone.
  • Dallas Corporate Girlies - Remote work has become the new norm but as convenient and freeing as it is, it can also be a bit isolating at times. Dallas Corporate Girlies is a social and professional networking group for women to connect with other remote workers in the DFW area. We meet regularly for coworking sessions, happy hours and social events.


  • Denver Mile High Hitchhikers - A space for anyone in the Denver area who has a passion for the outdoors! Join our community to connect like-minded people who want to meet new friends.
  • Thrifty Denver Gals - A space for girls in Denver who love thrifting! We’re also a community that loves brunch, picnics, going out, art, and more!
  • Denver Girl's Club - A space for women in the city who are looking to make new friendships as adults!
  • Latinas in Denver - A safe & fun space for latinas in Denver to bond & create friendships. A place where you can be 100% yourself in a judge free zone.
  • Denver Women's Networking - ✨ Creating meaningful connections, building relationships and supporting the professional women of Denver! ✨


  • Houston Girl Gang Get Down - The millennial and gen-z home for HTX girlies and girlies-identifying!
  • Houston Creatives - A collaborative space for all of Houston’s creatives including content creators, influencers, photographers, videographers, musicians, artists, foodies, chefs, writers, and more.


  • London town girlies - for all the girls who currently live or are moving soon to beautiful london town! a safe space to ask questions, share ideas and make friends 💖 people from all over the world are encouraged to join!

Los Angeles

  • los angeles locals - A space for connection with friends new and old. We are constantly sharing out new places to dine, fun events & pop-ups to check out, and hoping to inspire connection. If you just moved to LA or are looking to move here, this is the place to meet new people and be in the know!
  • Camber - For travelers and 'local tourists' to exchange hidden gems and cool spots, in LA and beyond.
  • OC Gal-Pals - For all women who live in Orange County, CA who are in their 20’s + 30’s to make new friends, chat, & hangout


  • Madrid - For those who want to meet new people, make plans, find travel buddies, share work opportunities, chat with people living in Madrid or even find someone to take care of your dog while you are on holiday.


  • Nashville Gals - A chill space for anyone that enjoys the slower-paced side of Nashville. Our community gathers for things like live music, park hangs, sustainability, volunteering, & hikes around Nashville.
  • Nashville Girl Things - A space for people looking to hang out, in need of city recommendations, in search of roomies, and just living their best lives!
  • Vinyl Club - A community for vinyl-heads to connect over their love for music.

New York City

  • Sis We On The Move - A community focused on supporting other women on their self-love and fitness journey.
  • Find Your Offline - A New York based community focused on finding joy offline.
  • Rhymes with Orange - A community for anyone with a shared passion for sustainable fashion/ lifestyle - but we'll also talk about NYC happenings, life advice, and such :)
  • Muslim Girls in NYC - A safe space for NYC-based Muslim women to connect, make friends, and support each other
  • Introverts of NYC - for people looking to make new friends in New York


  • Philly Gals - A space for women in Philadelphia created to uplift each other and build community. The gals help you find your home in the City of Brotherly Love.
  • Philly BLK GRL - A space for black women in Philly to connect digitally and IRL socially and professionally around the city.
  • Sober Philly - To create a space for sober, sober-curious, and those interested in alcohol-free events in the greater Philadelphia area. There’s plenty to do in our city and the surrounding area, but so many events focus on drinking or have it attached & this is a dedicated group to create events without drinking involved. We’ve just started and are planning an escape room, a visit to a zero-proof bar, and more!
  • PHL Portuguese Conversation - Folks looking to practice Portuguese (conversation level) and talk about Brazilian Pop Culture over coffee, tea, and drinks!




If you have an idea for a different group or don't see your city on this list, you should make a home for it! Here's a quick guide with some inspo on how to set it up.

Once you've created the home, email with your home invite link and a short description of the group and we'll add it to this list! 💕



May 9, 2023

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